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Check-out a Portable Device

Find out how you can check-out a portable device to use inside the library!

Portable DevicesPortable Device Check-Outs

The library now has 2 iPads, 2 Chromebooks, and 1 laptop available for patrons to use in the library in two hour time blocks. Patrons of any age can check-out one of these devices, but it's recommended that children under the age of 9 do so under direct supervision of an adult.

How do I check one out? Simple!

  -You must have a library card for 30 days or more, plus be in good standing (library fines under $5, no more than 5 overdue books).

  -You must have a LeClaire address. Visitors and non-LeClaire residents may use the public desktops for their computer needs.

-For a detailed list of rules and requirements, please visit