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Take a proctored exam

This library offers a proctoring service to community members taking classes remotely from an academic institution

Exam Proctoring Service

The LeClaire Community offers test proctoring services to those taking classes through academic institutions remotely. This service is offered during normal operating hours, when staff and space is available, and at a cost for non-LeClaire residents.


  • Students who wish to utilize this service must contact the library by phone or email to request a proctoring partnership. All proctoring partnerships must be authorized by the Library Director.
  • Once the partnership is established, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their academic institution of the arrangement, and to schedule test times with library staff.
  • Instructors should send test materials and/or instructions to the Library Director’s email address, or to the library via US Mail, Attn: Library Director.
  • Students should notify library staff of any change in the established proctoring partnership. If a student does not arrive for their scheduled exam without notice to the library staff, the proctoring partnership will be terminated.
  • For LeClaire residents, there is no charge for exam proctoring. The fee for non-LeClaire residents is $10.00 per exam.
  • All students are responsible for all fees associated with copies, fax, or postage required in the proctoring process. Scanning exams are free of charge.


LeClaire Community Library is comprised of a small staff and not all staff members are authorized to proctor exams. If the exam needs to take place during a time that is not conducive with the staff schedule, the Library will not enter in a proctoring partnership with the requesting student.

If your academic institution requires that the student receives constant, uninterrupted observation during the exam, the LeClaire Community Library will not enter into a proctoring partnership.


Approved by the LeClaire Community Library Board 8/11/15