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Give Time to the Library




You can help people find books at the library!  Our visitors appreciate well-organized shelves.  By adopting a shelf or stack, you can help make sure that items orderly and in their proper place, improving patrons’ experience tremendously.  Materials at the LeClaire Library see a lot of use and if an item is misplaced, it can be lost for a long time.  Library staff can assign you a section to adopt based on need, or you may choose a section that appeals to you: a favorite novelist or two, or an area of non-fiction that you particularly enjoy such as cookbooks or the Civil War. 

  • Read spine labels, and re-shelve books that are not in proper order.
  • Shift books as necessary to ensure easy access and prevent overcrowding.
  • Requires ability to reach to the top shelves and bend to the bottom shelves.
  • Requires a good eye for detail.
  • Familiarity with alphabetical filing and/or the Dewey Decimal System is a plus.  Brief training will be provided by staff.
  • Hours are flexible—come when you want! Time commitment may vary based on the size of your section.  1-2 hours per month recommended. 


Library Landscapers

Got a green thumb?  We need you!  Individuals or small groups are needed to help maintain the landscaping at the library.  Duties include regular weeding, mulching, pruning, and ongoing maintenance.  Volunteers should have some basic knowledge of gardening and the ability to work independently.

  • Keep the property and landscaped areas around the building free of weeds and trash.
  • Pull weeds, water plants, rake, sweep sidewalks, prune plants as needed.
  • Physical stamina is required—bending, lifting, stooping, standing, and walking.
  • Knowledge of plants or ability to learn plant maintenance skills required. 
  • Must demonstrate caution in using garden tools such as clippers, rakes, and shovels. 
  • Hours may vary due to seasonal need and weather.  1-2 hours a month recommended.


Delivery Drivers

LeClaire Community Library offers homebound delivery services for patrons within city limits who are unable to visit the library due to permanent or temporary disability. 

Library staff or volunteers deliver materials to the homes of participants on a monthly basis, typically the first Friday of each month.

  • One year minimum commitment required.
  • Delivery Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and their own reliable method of transportation.
  • Time commitment may vary due to fluctuating need for homebound delivery.